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ATM transfer from next month to "go back" to go to the counter overrun
Release Time: 2016-11-18

A person in a bank will only be able to open a category I households

Guangzhou Daily (Reporter Lin Xiaoli) on December 1, the bank card application and use will have a big wave change. The central bank previously issued "on the strengthening of payment settlement management to prevent the telecommunications network of new criminal matters related matters notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), requiring the next month, ATM machine transfer within 24 hours will be revoked, a person in a bank Can only open a class I households (debit card).

For ATM machine transfer within 24 hours can be withdrawn, the central bank official said, the provision is to maximize the blocking of fraudulent funds to induce victims to transfer funds and money realized. Reporters learned from a number of banks, has been deployed in accordance with the unified headquarters, the ATM system transformation.

Compared with the bank counter channel, non-counter channels such as online banking, mobile banking, telephone banking, payment agency websites can not face-to-face contact with the operator, it is difficult to confirm the actual operator of the account is not the account holder. Therefore, the central bank has taken three measures to block abnormal transactions, from the next month onwards.

Transfer over the limit and the number of pen

Need to go to the bank counter for

The new rules that require the banks and payment institutions and customers in advance agreed payment limits and the number of pen. If the amount exceeds the limit, the bank account transfer shall go to the bank counter and the payment account shall not be processed. Second, in addition to my peer bank account transfer, the bank for personal non-counter transfer business, the cumulative amount of more than 50,000 yuan a day, it should be digital certificates or electronic signatures and other safe and reliable payment instructions verification. Third, large transactions remind. Units, personal bank accounts, non-counter transfer date accumulated more than 100 million yuan, 300,000 yuan, the bank should be large transactions reminder, units and individuals before confirmation transfer. According to the above provisions, WeChat, Alipay and other payment tools transfer may be subject to certain restrictions.

In addition, for the opening of the "zombie accounts", the central bank provides that if the account account within 6 months from the date of no transaction records, banks should suspend their non-counter business, the payment institution should suspend all its business, to be re- Verify identity after the resumption of its business.

It is noteworthy that the personal network payment account is divided into three categories, Ⅰ type of households without restrictions on the Class II households set up a single-day payment limit of 10,000 yuan, Ⅲ households set up 1,000 yuan account balance. Class II households from the first category of household funds, including direct marketing banks and Internet banks such as microbank banks to open accounts, Ⅱ class can do deposits, purchase of bank investment products, consumer payment, but with the largest class of accounts The difference is that class II can not access cash, can not transfer to unbound accounts. Ⅲ households are mainly used for network payment, line payment and other small mobile payment, you can apply for consumer contributions. And Ⅰ, Ⅱ class the biggest difference is that class Ⅲ can only apply for small consumption and payment of payment, shall not handle other business. In addition, the need to note that, Ⅱ, Ⅲ account only the account number without physical card, can only bind debit card.

Guangdong Branch of the China Construction Bank, the payment and settlement department, said the user may, according to the actual situation, some idle or less used account sales, some mainly used for network payment or small high-frequency payment of the account downgraded to Ⅱ Class or class III households. This can achieve centralized management of personal funds, and through Ⅱ, Ⅲ class households to guard against network payment risk.

(Guangzhou daily)

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